About Us

The Lux Difference

We help companies drive growth through tech innovation with analysis you can trust and opinions you can rely on. We tell it like it is. It might not be what you want to hear, but it’ll always be what you need to know to make better decisions, faster.




Technical Expertise

Independent opinions rooted in deep expertise

Our philosophy is that an understanding of the underlying technology is critical to making informed business decisions. That’s why our team is comprised of scientists and engineers, most with advanced degrees from top universities around the world. We trust facts and data—not hype. We then marry our deep understanding of technology with business insights to bring you independent, fact-based analyses, insights, and opinions.

73% of Analysts at Lux Research have advanced degrees in science or engineering

Primary research

Expert insights based on facts

We navigate the tsunami of information, selecting the most important and going deep: ​
  • Exclusive interviews conducted with start-ups, large & mid-sized firms, and research centers (averaging 40 weekly)​
  • Nearly 40,000 analyses of technologies and companies within our Member Site​
  • Thought leadership and perspective across industries, roles, and use cases​

The trusted “Lux Take” rating equips you with the knowledge to make the right decisions. See an example company profile.


Advanced Analytics

Data and insights powered by the Lux Intelligence Engine

Curated data, paired with analyst insights, ​to help you make sense of it all:​
  • Commentary about the news and market developments that matter most​
  • Interactive visualizations displaying trends in patents, investments, and more, updated as the market changes​
  • Rankings of key players, case study evaluations, and links to related research​
  • Leading indicators identifying trends before they happen​
Make the right decisions, faster.​