The drivers of commercial spaceflight are now more aligned with general industry, in terms of cost and scalability and value propositions. Meeting the next generation of spacetech issues will require solutions that aren’t just high performance, but well aligned to the issues of cost and scalability.

Blockchain - Lux Research

Understanding the true benefits of blockchain, where it should be used, and how to adopt implementations.

LES-Lux Research-Conference

This year's theme is Evolving Your Innovation Journey. The summit will include keynote speakers from various industries and a Lux speaker from each of our four areas of focus: Digital Transformation; Owning the Energy Transition; Consumer Choices in Food, Health, & Wellness; Accelerating Materials Innovation. We're excited to announce our keynote and guest speakers.

Lux Research Bioplastics Summit

Asia isn't just the largest and fastest-growing market for plastics – it's also something of a blank slate where companies can deploy a more diverse set of technologies to tackle the issue of plastics waste.

LES Global Header Startup Showcase

The showcase will give conference attendees an opportunity to interact with and hear elevator pitches from hand-selected rising stars of the innovation community ...

Tesla Model 3 - Lux Research

The promise of cheap and convenient electric transportation is shaping up to be more difficult than even the EV leaders realize.


The future of a hydrogen economy has long been tied to the transportation sector, where electric vehicles, by far, overtook fuel cell vehicles. Here at Lux, we believe that the roadmap for achieving a hydrogen economy runs through the industrial sector.

Lux Research 299 Deep learning for predictive healthcare records, fake 5G, and blockchain logistics in Singapore:

To help answer what emerging technologies should be on your radar, we've launched the Lux 299 Top Innovations Leaderboard. Here, we highlight recent, important changes that continue to shake up these top innovations, as captured by our analysts on the Lux Research platform...

Lux Research - Xyleco the next bio based scam

If Xyleco is a legitimate company, we have not been given any reason to believe it has any advantage over any existing biomass-to-sugar developer ...

Lux Research Electric Car Batteries Charging

Discussions and presentations from the show confirmed Lux's view that the future of Li-ion batteries will consist of incremental improvements in both costs and performance.