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LES-Lux Research-Conference

This year's theme is Evolving Your Innovation Journey. The summit will include keynote speakers from various industries and a Lux speaker from each of our four areas of focus: Digital Transformation; Owning the Energy Transition; Consumer Choices in Food, Health, & Wellness; Accelerating Materials Innovation. We're excited to announce our keynote and guest speakers.

Lux Research - Xyleco the next bio based scam

If Xyleco is a legitimate company, we have not been given any reason to believe it has any advantage over any existing biomass-to-sugar developer ...


Finding the next big idea, and executing quickly, can be the hardest part of the technology innovation process. Technology landscapes evolve rapidly, access to vital information is disparate, filtering out the clutter is incredibly difficult and takes far too long, and actionable insights are scarce ...

Lux Research AR Car Simulated

Head-up display (HUD) technology, which dates back to World War II fighter planes, has evolved to become a centerpiece of the modern automobile. Automotive HUD is a market where augmented reality (AR) is likely to deliver long-term value and consumer impact ...