Intelligence Services

Consulting Engagements

Lux's consulting engagements help clients develop robust technology investment strategies through identifying tech-driven growth opportunities, developing the business case for investment, and defining an entry strategy for commercial success. Leveraging our experience and knowledge, we can help you identify and assess technology/market opportunities, potential partners, build/buy options, market entry strategies, and more. 

Our global team interacts with technology innovators, entrepreneurs, and intrapreneurs at the world's largest companies to constantly define and redefine what "good looks like." We combine this experience with our broad, cross-industry technical know-how, proprietary analytical frameworks, and business acumen, to deliver the practical and actionable analyses and insights companies need to enhance and accelerate their technology investing strategies.

Whether you need help regarding a specific business problem or are looking for ongoing support for your innovation process, Lux is your ideal partner to identify and analyze opportunities for commercial success.




How will a given opportunity space evolve, and how should my company participate over time?

Example deliverables:

  • Trend analysis and drill-down
  • Scenario development
  • Accelerators and barriers
  • Milestones and tipping points
  • Selection of relevant tech domains


What does the universe of technology developers look like today, and which ones will be dominant in the future?

Example deliverables:

  • Global technology domain mapping of players and emerging players
  • Technology readiness status
  • Commercial maturity assessment
  • Technology prioritization


What are the most promising opportunities for my solution, and what capability gaps prevent me from accessing them?

Example deliverables:

  • Opportunity definition for priority technologies
  • Market sizing/growth
  • Unmet needs analysis
  • Mapping product offering gaps
  • Desired partner attributes


Which strategic choices should my company make in entering priority markets, using which business models?

Example deliverables:

  • Go-to-market strategy for priority opportunity and/or partner
  • Appropriate business model selection
  • Value chain entry point(s)
  • Implementation path


Which innovation partners and investment targets can maximize my chance of success and what are the associated techno-economic risks with the investment?

Example deliverables:

  • Partner identification and selection
  • Technology validation (e.g., KPIs, cost model, scalability)
  • Market validation (e.g., competitors, value chain, pricing, demand)
  • Risk mitigation plan