In addition to Research Membership, Lux Research also provides custom Consulting projects, delivered by a dedicated team of analysts who are well versed in assessing client-specific needs, crafting a research program to meet them, and delivering results to top executives. In an increasingly crowded competitive landscape, these decision makers need critical advice about markets, technologies, and strategy – both to position existing business for growth and to launch new businesses wisely. Our industry experience, proprietary network, and robust analytical methodologies enable clients to:

  • Size and prioritize addressable markets
  • Interpret the competitive landscape
  • Anticipate disruptive technologies
  • Leverage technology development from outside parties
  • Identify and target early adopters
  • Navigate the intellectual property minefield

Consulting Project Types

Lux Research analysts customize projects to the individual needs of the client. Common types of consulting projects include:

  • Technology Roadmapping: We chart various paths from today's proven technologies in physical sciences to tomorrow's speculative ones, focusing on the client company's need to break the long-term journey into manageable milestones where technical certainty and market opportunities exist
  • Market Identification and Assessment: To uncover the commercial opportunities in emerging technologies, executives need to know the technical fit with various applications, as well as the size and growth rates of the markets in each. We will identify collaborators and competitors, call out addressable markets, and quantify opportunities by assessing potential revenue versus technical fit
  • Partner Search and Selection: Drawing on our database of thousands of start-ups, corporations, and researchers involved in emerging technology, we enable open innovation by identifying, evaluating, and prioritizing future partners and suppliers
  • Pre-transaction Search and Due Diligence: Strategic transactions in the field of emerging technologies accelerate growth and deliver maximum value to shareholders. By combining our technology, market, and IP expertise with financial analysis, we catalog, assess, and help select best-case acquisition targets – providing due diligence, advice, and transaction facilitation