Lux Research members get on-demand access to Lux's analysts, publications, and data, across a set of emerging technology domains customized to their needs. Analysts with deep expertise in each domain provide ongoing market intelligence and technology scouting to help executives find new business opportunities and make better decisions. See Lux Research's track record in Measuring and Quantifying Success in Innovation.

Lux Innovation Funnel

Across the innovation funnel, clients use Lux Research to:

  • Get up to speed easily on new areas
  • Quickly access vital data on markets, value chains, and trends
  • Cut through the hype and focus only on what’s important
  • Get an unbiased, outside perspective on key companies and technologies
  • Identify and connect with partners
  • Extend the capabilities of new business development teams
  • Speed up development cycle and improve time to market

Membership Benefits

Lux Research members get access to:

Executive Sessions

Lux Research analysts regularly structure and deliver executive sessions – typically half-day to full-day onsite interactive meetings, which are a combination of Lux Research presentations and working sessions – that allow clients to tap more deeply into Lux data, methodologies, and insight.

Executive sessions can:

  • Expose a broader executive audience to issues and opportunities in innovation and emerging technologies
  • Facilitate internal discussion and brainstorming around new business opportunities and associated strategic issues
  • Tap into proprietary Lux Research models and data to work through planning scenarios
  • Apply Lux Research methodologies in working sessions to evaluate and rank prospective partners and appropriate engagement models
  • Assess impacts of megatrends, technology developments, and market shifts on product or company strategy

Sample Executive Session Topics

Lux Research analysts hold executive sessions with clients around topics such as:

  • Outlining the technology roadmap towards Smart Cities, and the client's future role
  • Review of early-stage opportunities in the client's innovation pipeline and impact of Lux Research's analysis for each
  • Benchmarks and best practices in technology scouting, and implications for the client
  • Inputs and market impact of solar module cost structure model, and material opportunities for the client
  • The eclipse of traditional venture capital by "nimble funding" models, and what it means for the client's new ventures organization

Analyst Inquiries

In addition to accessing Lux Research's written research in the form of Company Profiles, Journals, and Market Reports, clients can also contact Lux Research analysts, who will quickly answer custom questions based on their ongoing research into emerging technology areas. This inquiry process will:

  • Provide additional depth on published research -- Clients can inquire for further details on companies profiled in the weekly Journals, or dig deeper into the data and models behind Lux Research's market analyses
  • Support ongoing efforts in technology scouting, screening, partnership search and market assessment -- Lux Research analysts will act as a virtual extension of the client's team to enlarge the research and market intelligence capacity of the team
  • Allow the client to contact Lux analysts on an ad-hoc basis -- Lux Research analysts will respond to targeted questions with a quick turn-around time
  • Enable clients to nominate new companies and topics for Lux Research coverage

The questions clients ask are as diverse as the businesses they run, but common types of inquiry include questions such as:

  • "What do you consider the most promising companies in the field of 3D printing? What industries will they have the biggest impact on?"
  • "What portion of the reverse osmosis membrane market growth is due to the need for desalination in the Middle East? How would this change if we could drop the cost of the membranes by 10%?"
  • "What is your opinion about Modern Meadow? When, if at all, will its lab-grown meat and leather be successful in the marketplace?"
  • "What portion of the cost of a typical lithium-ion battery is due to the electrolyte? What is the market potential for a new electrolyte supplier?"
  • "What companies should we consider partnering with in the field of precision agriculture?"
  • "How would your forecast for the growth of solar PV in China change if new regulations drove the cost of conventional electricity up by 20%?"

Market Analysis

Lux Research analysts’ deep understanding of the underlying technologies makes them uniquely qualified to provide insightful market analysis of emerging technology areas. Drawing on extensive primary research for technical and market insight, Lux Research helps clients understand market opportunities through:

  • Market reports that provide concise (5-30 page) but data-rich guides to business opportunities with analysis of key market segments, technologies, business models, policy changes, venture funding, future roadmaps and more
  • Analyst Insights that provide commentary and analysis on important news items, share proprietary datapoints from Lux’s network and ongoing primary research, or offer quick case studies on key companies and opportunities
  • Lux Research’s Data Trackers provide the quantitative information on critical business metrics like supply, demand, cost, and production that executives need to make strategic and operational decisions

Lux Research analysts monitor emerging technologies day in and day out, talking regularly with all of the leading innovators in each field. An annual series of Market Reports sums up their knowledge of the space and sheds light on the key market and technology trends. These reports:

  • Help clients quickly get up to speed on new areas
  • Provide the context for evaluating companies in the field through Lux Research's Company Profiles
  • Point out key trends and generate fresh ideas
  • Give Lux Research's viewpoints on the critical issues in the field
  • Offer data essential for important business decisions, including market size, growth, and breakdown, as well as cost and pricing information

Market Report Topics

Lux Research's analysts craft a unique research program for each of our coverage areas, to address the needs of clients and key decision makers in each field – review our Research Agenda for a list of recent and upcoming report topics. Typical topics include:

  • Market sizing and forecasting
  • Drill-down on a key technology segment (such as CSP in Solar) or a market segment (such as smart packaging in Printed, Flexible, and Organic Electronics)
  • Review of government policy and impact, such as subsidies for electric vehicles, or environmental regulations for agriculture
  • Rating of key companies in the field using the Lux Innovation Grid
  • Analysis of public and private funding flowing into an emerging technology area
  • Unique takes on macro-level trends like the intersection of water and energy usage
  • Future roadmaps for fields at the confluence of multiple emerging technology areas, such as consumer electronics or smart cities

Lux Research analysts also provide brief, timely commentary on important news items such as:

  • Funding rounds or IPOs
  • Regulatory announcements
  • Product launches
  • Company failures

Lux Research analysts look into impactful early-stage academic research, and provide proprietary news, datapoints and analysis from their network. These analyst Insights use Lux's "What they said/What we think" format, clearly spelling out not just what happened, but going behind the press releases to sort out what's really big news and what's just hype – and to tell clients what to make of it and when to take action.

To see some examples of Lux Research analyst Insights, visit our analyst blog, which provides a public preview of a small sampling from the hundreds of Insights provided each year to clients.

Lux Research's data products provide concise, quantitative market intelligence as emerging technologies build a critical mass of manufacturing capacity and deployment. By providing bottom-up market information, new business development teams and growth-focused business units can make actionable and accurate product planning and marketing decisions. Accessing Lux Research data products allows clients to:

  • Track emerging technology scale-up and end-user adoption on company, geography, technology, and value chain segmentation
  • Identify specific geography vs. technology combinations of highest growth
  • Find disconnects and opportunities within value chains from feedstock to market
  • Focus marketing and sales resources on companies and geographies where adoption is strongest
  • Plan capacity expansion and production schedules in emerging technology domains based on reality-based data

Service Components

Lux Research Market Data includes:

  • Updates to market data providing exclusive, bottom-up market intelligence
  • Client-controlled data presentation and extraction, enabling on-demand, downloadable images and spreadsheets
  • Summary presentations that provide key observations and changes in market conditions, and deeper insight into critical market and technology segments
  • Inquiry with Lux Research analysts to discuss specific data and customized input on the client's own issues
  • Access to the full archive of market data on the Lux Research Member Site

Data Products

Alternative Fuels Tracker

Automotive Battery Tracker

Green Buildings Tracker

Grid Storage Demand Forecaster

Grid Storage Tracker

Solar Demand Forecaster

Solar Supply Tracker

Company Profiles

The core of Lux Research's Intelligence services are our ongoing briefings – analysts select 50 to 150 leading innovators in each emerging technology field and publish primary-research-driven, opinionated, quantitative profiles of these players. Delivered to clients in email and available online through the Member Site, these profiles:

  • Support technology scouting and open innovation efforts
  • Help clients keep track of the most important players in a given field
  • Alert clients to new companies that might be good partners, suppliers, or investment targets
  • Serve as a reference, enabling clients to quickly get up to speed on a company they've just met by looking up their most recent Lux Research company profile
  • Provide unique information not available elsewhere based on primary interviews with company management – not just aggregated information from Internet searches
  • Give Lux Research's opinion and analysis on the company, helping clients quickly focus only on relevant firms
  • Offer convenient access to hundreds of past profiles, in a fully searchable archive on the Lux Research Member Site

Click here if you are an emerging technology developer and would like Lux Research to profile your company.

Company Profile Components

All company profiles are based on one-on-one conversations with the firm's senior management and are assessed by Lux Research's expert analysts. Company profiles include:

  • "What you need to know" – a concise summary of the key points about the firm and Lux Research's view on it
  • The "Lux Take" – Lux Research's overall view on the company's prospects: Strong positive, positive, wait and see, caution, or strong caution
  • A scorecard rating the company on 10 critical success factors, including technology value, market potential, IP, management, and more
  • Descriptions of the company's technology, as well as the history of the firm and details on its strategy, target markets, and business
  • Key metrics on the cost and performance of the company's technology and vital stats on key business indicators like revenue and profitability
  • In-depth analysis of "Key issues" that balance "What they said" with "What we think" to cut through the hype and spin, for select firms

Lux Innovation Grids

Lux Innovation Grid

Lux Research collects information and provides analysis on top innovators in emerging technology areas through company briefings. Our analysts have developed a tool called the Lux Innovation Grid that uses data and insights from these profiles to compare companies. From seeing how companies are positioned on this tool, clients can:

  • Quickly spot the top companies in a technology area – identifying current leaders as well as up-and-comers
  • See which technologies or market segments are hottest by noting where the most promising companies lie – are there more top firms in algae-based biofuels, or in cellulosic ethanol?
  • Assess which factors lead to success for firms in a given field
  • Be aware of areas of white space, where no leading companies have yet staked a claim


The Lux Innovation Grid assesses companies on four distinct metrics:

  • The strength and value of a company's technology determines its "Technical Value" score: Companies with the most powerful and promising technologies rate higher on the vertical axis
  • A company's ability to perform and achieve success determines its "Business Execution" score: Our assessment of the company's ability to run a viable organization, growing sales, managing costs, and making customers and investors happy determines its position on the horizontal axis
  • The completeness of a company's development reflects its "Maturity." Company size, stage of development, annual revenues, and age determine maturity, shown by the size of the circle representing that company
  • A company's success is measured holistically by the "Lux Take." This overall ranking mechanism is based on the considerations of Technical Value, Business Execution, and Maturity, placing companies into five categories – "Strong Caution," "Caution," "Wait and See," "Positive," and "Strong Positive" – depicted by the color of the circle for that company


Member Site

Lux Research Member SiteLux Research's ongoing series of Company Profiles, Journals, and Market Reports provide a wealth of information. To access these publications and quickly find the information you need, clients can log on to Lux Research's Member Site.

  • Browse the full archives of all past Lux Research Company Profiles, Market Reports, Insights, and Webinars
  • Search by keyword or phrase, or use Lux Research's custom taxonomy of products, processes, and properties to find relevant research items
  • Use custom search tools and filters to identify companies or markets that meet certain criteria (such
    as high-growth opportunities)
  • Set up alerts to receive an email notice whenever Lux Research publishes a research item related to a given company, technology, or other search result
  • Construct company comparisons based on the scorecard and other key metrics from company profiles
  • Submit questions for analyst inquiry related to any research items, and review responses to past inquiries

Clients can click here to gain access and browse through recent research; If you would like to find out more about becoming a Lux Research member, click here.