The universe of emerging technologies is becoming increasingly impacted by research and development, products and market opportunities emerging in China. In addition, while regulatory and incentive policies so critical to these technologies are often absent or inconsistent in many countries, policy in the country is driven by developing, manufacturing and deploying technologies. On this basis, China is the opportunity and threat that cannot be ignored. What technologies are being developed and by whom? What are the practical approaches to partnering in China and effectively managing risk around deploying innovative products in the country? How is policy going to strengthen or change over time, and what impact does this have on executive decisions to maximize the overall opportunity? Lux Research helps executives:

  • Navigate the ecosystem of emerging technology developers including academics, industrial and science parks, and start-up companies
  • Track and interpret innovation-driving policies and programs from 5 year plans to 863 and 973 programs, and from indigenous innovation to venture capital regulation
  • Identify the key programs from state-owned enterprises and government entities such as the NRDC and MOST
  • Connect with key executives at potential partners and customers to build understanding and accelerate progress in China

Lux Research Solutions

To successfully maximize the technology and market opportunites in China, our clients use:

  • Profiles of academic groups, start-ups and emerging industry giants in China to understand the landscape of potential partners, their openness to foreign partners, their plans for competing in the global market, and their potential threats
  • Market Reports to understand the innovation landscape in China in terms of venture capital, industrial parks, policy and specific technologies and markets
  • On-demand Inquiry to access Lux Research’s team of China experts responsible for monitoring technology, markets and policy
  • Lux Research Consulting services to obtain specific market opportunity and partner analyses based on the capabilities, goals and risk management profiles of the client