MotivBase Joins NielsenIQ Connect Partner Network

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The partnership will help to identify and predict cultural trends and the impact they have on products and performance.

MotivBase, a technology-enabled research company and AI Anthropology platform that supports Fortune 1000 Companies, announced today it has joined the NielsenIQ Connect Partner Network, the industry’s largest open ecosystem of tech-driven solution providers for retailers and manufacturers in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry.

As a Connected Partner, MotivBase now offers a solution that can decode and quantify the meanings behind emerging cultural trends while simultaneously using NielsenIQ data to match what trends really mean to existing products and their marketplace performance. This allows companies to instantly identify gaps in the market and link cultural data to market data to quickly validate decisions.

Mutual customers will now have the capability to marry MotivBase’s predictive capabilities with NielsenIQ’s robust sales data to better inform innovation, R&D, and decision making.

Through this relationship, CPG companies will be able to decode and quantify growing trends in consumer culture with MotivBase’s AI Anthropology Engine, while verifying the business potential with NielsenIQ’s sales data.

“Companies leverage MotivBase to map the meanings that consumers are attaching to the things they consume. As culture shifts, and these meanings change, they reshape how and what consumers buy,” said Ujwal Arkalgud, CEO and Chief Anthropologist at MotivBase.

“By tracking them we can predict what’s going to happen. By joining the NielsenIQ Connect Partner Network, we’re giving Innovation and Insights teams quantitative proof of performance in the now. MotivBase predicts the future. The NielsenIQ data quantitatively validates it using data from the past and present.”

MotivBase is the first insight platform to merge cultural data and sales data, and the users of the platform will be able to search the MotivBase database, and access both trend and NielsenIQ data instantly. In addition to access to the platform, the MotivBase team of PhD social scientists who build bespoke trend reports leveraging the technology will be incorporating this new data set into deliverables for all CPG companies that are mutual MotivBase and NielsenIQ customers.

“There is power in partnering up and we’re happy to have MotivBase on board within the NielsenIQ Connect Partner Network,” said Brett Jones, Global Leader, NielsenIQ Connect Partner Network. “MotivBase’s merging of technology and the social sciences help to bring an anthro-lens to our NielsenIQ data. MotivBase powered by NielsenIQ is a win-win for shared clients.”

About MotivBase
MotivBase is the world’s first and only AI Anthropologist that can decode the hidden meanings behind consumer​ interactions. The company works with 130+ corporations globally at the front-end of innovation and their work has contributed to $5 Billion + in directly attributable new revenue.

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