Empowering Homes: The Economic Impact of Community Microgrids

Session 1: Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024 at 10 AM ET
Session 2: Wednesday, July 24th, 2024 at 9 AM SGT


Power utilities are grappling with grid reliability and resiliency due to rising demand, extreme weather, and decarbonization. A potential solution that has seen increased attention recently is the microgrid, which can expedite efforts to hit decarbonization targets and enhance grid performance. Microgrids are beneficial to both participants (consumers, businesses, etc.) and utilities. For participants, microgrids could potentially increase reliability and provide a degree of independence through backup power. For a utility, microgrids can increase grid stability through ancillary services like frequency regulation and flexibility services (potentially generating revenues). Delivering this value comes at a price; the high costs of building microgrids mean, in the past, only facilities with a critical need for reliability could afford them. With falling costs for renewables, it’s worth asking, is the time for microgrids now? 

In this webinar, we will present results from our computational analysis of housing community microgrids and answer questions such as: 

  • Would microgrids be able to provide electricity at a lower cost than that of the main grid?  
  • Will it only make sense when customers can sell the electricity they generate? 
  • How do regulatory incentives impact microgrid economics? 

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Empowering Homes: The Economic Impact of Community Microgrids


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