Breakthrough Consumer Insights AI Platform: Introducing Lux for Predictive Anthropology 

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Lux Research is proud to announce the launch of its new Predictive Anthropology research and advisory service, a revolutionary AI-powered consumer insights engine that uses sophisticated algorithms to decode millions of conversations happening on the internet and is able to accurately predict the likelihood and timing around the consumer adoption of products and cultural trends.  

Innovation, marketing, and insights leaders need to strategically invest in new AI applications to keep their insight and innovation teams current. Lux Research’s AI-powered Predictive Anthropology solves this need, transforming ethnographic research into actionable insights with unprecedented speed and precision powered by AI. 

“The net result is deep anthropological insights at your fingertips in minutes,” says Marisa Kopec, CEO of Lux Research. “Lux for Predictive Anthropology is not just another AI tool. It represents the pinnacle of our efforts to blend the intricate art of anthropology with the precision of AI technology.” 

In addition to the new service, which is a self-serve platform, Lux offers the ability to have 50-minute conversations with the anthropologists on the team to help interpret and confirm the findings.   

“Overall, Lux has been the world-recognized leader in primary research on emerging innovations. Now, with our ability to help clients understand consumer behavior, we offer a complete solution for innovation strategy and planning,” adds Marisa Kopec, CEO of Lux Research. 

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Lux Research delivers research and advisory to leaders on consumer trends, novel sciences, and emerging technology that inspires, illuminates, and ignites sustainable innovation. Lux is a pioneer in AI-driven predictive anthropology and at the forefront of transforming market research through technology and human expertise. 

For more information about Lux Research’s Predictive Anthropology powered by MotivAI offering, please contact:

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