Finding the Right Fit for Vehicle-to-Grid

The rapid expansion of distributed energy resources (DERs), both in front of and behind the meter, necessitates a strategic approach from utilities and distribution system operators. These entities must effectively leverage available assets to manage and balance the power grid. Among these resources, Electric Vehicles (EVs) stand out for their significant potential to enhance grid robustness and resilience. This is achieved through the controlled optimization of EV charging and discharging processes.

Our latest e-book delves into the transformative potential of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology. It evaluates six key applications and addresses critical questions shaping the future of V2G, such as:

  • What factors determine whether an application is well-suited for V2G integration?
  • Which vehicle owners are in the best position to adopt V2G?
  • What are the main obstacles to V2G adoption, and what impact might they have?




Finding the Right Fit for Vehicle-to-Grid