Alina Strugut

Alina Strugut is a Director of Global Research at Lux Research and contributes to the Lux MotivBase team’s coverage of Global Anthropology. In this role, Alina leads a team of top-tier international Ph.D.s whose technology-enabled research decodes meaning and consumer culture around the world, delivering cutting-edge insights across a variety of industries. Her team’s innovative research empowers Fortune 500 companies to embrace sustainability while also staying ahead of the curve and maintaining success in today’s ever-evolving world.  

Prior to joining Lux, Alina worked as a Policy Analyst at the European Commission in Brussels, where she helped draft EU policies and provide advice to governmental experts on the strategic design and implementation of their national rural development programs. Alina holds a Ph.D. in Global Studies from Leipzig University in Germany and speaks multiple languages. 

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