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Lux Research’s insights allow industrial leaders to identify upcoming innovation and pre-commercial opportunities before they happen, ensuring their company is ahead of the competition. Lux experts highlight the potential impact of emerging technologies from digital advancements to novel materials and surface innovations to address goals like decarbonization.

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Lux is uniquely positioned to provide industrial leaders answers to their questions about sustainability and business: what emerging technologies are poised to make a leap forward? Which innovators are worth investing in? What changes do we need to make to our product roadmap to successfully go to market or comply with upcoming policies?

Lux leverages AI to turn weak signals in innovation and consumer behavior into insights, and Lux experts combine primary research and AI-enriched data extraction with unique proprietary models to assess technologies and innovators. This robust combination results in our singular voice of realism in the market that our clients trust.

Client Outcomes

We fuel innovation leaders’ tech scouting and improve the performance of their innovation discovery process.

We help clients meet net-zero and sustainability goals desired by innovative business leaders and understand the decarbonization of other industries.

We identify new business models, product opportunities, and potential partners for growth.

We help mitigate the risks of going out of business from changes in the technology or policy landscape, as well as from competitors getting ahead.

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Client Story

Opportunities in the extraction of graphite, nickel, cobalt, and manganese from brines and hard rock formations


The Lux client, a leading global technology company in the oil and gas sector, is interested in exploring new technologies that can extract graphite, nickel, cobalt, and manganese.

In pursuit of this interest, the client sought to understand the technology landscape, and the client aimed to identify and select potential partners.

Solution & Value

Lux identified and prioritized technologies that extract the target elements from brines and/or hard rock formations. Lux’s analysis showed that the opportunities for the client are not in traditional mining but in underexploited sources such as mine tailings. For the three best-fitting technologies for the client, Lux created a bottom-up landscape of companies and prioritized leading developers.

The client used the project’s outcome to focus its activities for extracting graphite, Ni, Co, and Mn on underexploited sources, innovative technologies to extract them, and leading technology developers for these technologies.

Top Questions your industry peers are asking

Inquiry is a 50-minute virtual conversation between a licensed client member and a Lux expert. During this two-way consultative exchange, the Lux expert shares insights and acts as an advisor for the member’s strategic thinking or decision-making process.

Lux experts are having such conversations with clients every day to help them understand various aspects of technology innovation. Key questions innovation leaders in the industrials are asking about include:

What are the most innovative technologies for recycling metals?

Which hydrogen storage startups need an industrial partner to unlock their technology’s full potential?

What are the most sustainable ways to source lithium and other critical minerals?

How can electrification and fermentation contribute to decarbonizing Scope 3 emissions of our material inputs?

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The Lux Sustainable Business Model Playbook for Manufacturing

The traditional business models of manufacturers will increase environmental impact and resource consumption with growth, even if efficiencies mitigate the effects. This report provides a taxonomy of alternative business models for sustainable innovation in manufacturing and an assessment framework for identifying which alternatives are right for each organization — improving sustainability across the value chain.

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