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We focus on six key industries: Chemicals, Consumer Products, Industrials, Oil and Gas, Predictive Anthropology, and Utilities. Our analysts collaborate cross-functionally on findings from different sectors, companies, and technologies.


Lux experts blend extensive knowledge of physical sciences and technical insights to create a differentiated view of how chemicals and materials transform society. We have the best coverage technologies for the circular economy — from advanced recycling to novel materials — and a broad knowledge of end-user needs.

Consumer Products

Lux brings extensive research in agriculture, ingredients, and materials sciences. We provide innovation leaders in consumer products industries with new ideas for products and potential opportunities for new markets. Also, our substantial technology expertise enables innovation leaders to find new ways to develop products and bring them to market digitally.


Industrial leaders: identify upcoming innovation and pre-commercial opportunities before they happen. Lux experts highlight the potential impact of emerging technologies, from digital advancements to novel materials and surface innovations, to address goals like decarbonization. Also, gain insight into trends like the circular economy, the energy transition, and consumer transformation.

Oil & Gas

Lux’s world-renowned energy experts help organizations determine how to address decarbonization. Our scientists and engineers provide a pragmatic understanding of the implications of net-zero actions implemented across the entire ecosystem, not simply their industry, delivering the context leaders need to know to make the right innovation decisions.

Predictive Anthropology

Lux’s predictive anthropology platform utilizes AI to deliver rapid, in-depth cultural understanding. By leveraging AI, it efficiently examines extensive collections of Ethnographic Factors and a comprehensive Insight Database. This process enhances our analysis by incorporating online resources, resulting in actionable insights that are both comprehensive and nuanced.


Our research on electrification and renewable energy spans transmission, distribution, automotive, manufacturing, and consumer products industries, enabling innovation leaders to have a broad purview of these trends. Our forecasts are unparalleled in understanding the demand, sources, and power distribution, making correct assessments of how new electrified products and their surrounding ecosystems will develop.

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