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Lux’s world-renowned energy experts help organizations determine how to address one of the most significant challenges ever faced — decarbonization. Our scientists and engineers provide a pragmatic understanding of the implications of net-zero actions implemented across the entire ecosystem, not simply their industry, delivering the context leaders need to know to make the right innovation decisions.

Client Priorities

We are precision focused on solving for your most critical innovation initiatives.

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How We Help Clients

Lux is uniquely positioned to provide oil and gas leaders with answers to their questions about sustainability and business: what emerging technologies are poised to make a leap forward? Which innovators are worth investing in? What changes do we need to make to our product roadmap to successfully go to market or comply with upcoming policies?


Lux leverages AI to turn weak signals in innovation and consumer behavior into insights, and Lux experts combine primary research and AI-enriched data extraction with unique proprietary models to assess technologies and innovators. This robust combination results in our singular voice of realism in the market that our clients trust.

Client Outcomes

We fuel innovation leaders’ tech scouting and improve the performance of their innovation discovery process in energy transition.

We help clients meet net-zero and sustainability goals desired by innovative business leaders and understand the decarbonization of other industries.

We identify new business models, product opportunities, and potential partners for growth.

We help mitigate the risks of going out of business from changes in the technology or policy landscape, as well as from competitors getting ahead.

Access the Lux Insights Platform

Keep up with innovation trends and early-stage technologies

  • AI-enabled expert generated insights
  • Innovator Assessments with scorecards
  • Company indices
  • Industry trend analysis

Understand novel technologies in detail with AI-enabled primary research

  • Market opportunities
  • Consumer insights
  • Policy and Frameworks
  • Technology deep dives

Interpret business impacts with trusted and actionable insights via the “Lux Take”

  • Innovation Strategy
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Partnership and Acquisition Target Identification
  • Decision Frameworks

Hear From Our Clients

Client Story

Waste-to-hydrogen partner selection through detailed management interviews


The client, a large energy company, was looking to add renewable hydrogen to the company’s supply chain.

Solution & Value

Lux shortlisted developers with differentiated technology and a proven ability to work on low-carbon, waste feedstocks and aligned those with the client’s preferred regions.

Combined with interviews with these developers, Lux evaluated technical capabilities, track records, and business execution to prioritize those developers that best fit the client’s goals.

After careful evaluation with multiple internal stakeholder groups, the client proceeded to negotiate long-term hydrogen supply agreements with a selection of these entities.

Top Questions your industry peers are asking

Inquiry is a 50-minute virtual conversation between a licensed client member and a Lux expert. During this two-way consultative exchange, the Lux expert shares insights and acts as an advisor for the member’s strategic thinking or decision-making process.

Lux experts are having such conversations with clients every day to help them understand various aspects of technology innovation. Key questions innovation leaders in the oil and gas industry are asking about include:

What are the most promising use cases for captured CO₂?

What is the cheapest way to move hydrogen?

What is the risk profile of carbon-negative technologies?

Can oil and gas companies leverage existing retail operations to move into charging networks?

Are you working on similar questions? We can help.

The Lux Net-Zero Strategy Framework

The oil and gas industry is the cornerstone of our global energy system and is facing a complete transformation as the world moves away from fossil resources. Lux developed a two-tier framework to illustrate how technology should be prioritized for a given net-zero strategy, roadmapping relevant technologies so companies can better understand how to evolve with the energy transition and reach net-zero goals.

our unique know-how

What makes Lux special is our ability to link insights across industries, scientific domains, and cultures to give you a complete interdisciplinary and cross-industry perspective.

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