Executive Partner Service

Lux Research delivers research insights and advisory to leaders on novel sciences, emerging technology, and consumer trends that inspire, illuminate, and ignite innovation pipelines. 

You are under immense pressure to innovate differently and faster than ever before

Never has there been a harder time for leaders. It’s impossible to figure out what is ahead and understand how to place our bets. It’s like driving in a torrential rainstorm, and we can’t see out the windshield.

Chief Innovation Officer

Why This Service?

Leadership in a decarbonizing, digitalizing, democratizing world

Leadership Context

  • Increasingly complex role with competing priorities
  • Need for rapid decision-making as horizons for action diminish
  • Lonely at the top – amid intense scrutiny from investors, employees, regulators, suppliers, and competitors

Salient Needs

  • Clarity on impacts of constantly changing business environment on executive priorities
  • Conviction – cognitive and emotional – on immediate, follow-on, and Plan B options/decisions
  • Connection with best thinking from peer-leaders
  • Confidential outlet to share professional challenges / opportunities

Lux Proposition

  • Time saving executive engagement that creates value with trusted interactions
  • Objective sounding board for new ideas and old beliefs
  • Confidential, strategic advisor via a dedicated Lux Executive Partner to curate your Lux relationship relevant to your priorities
  • Monthly calls with Executive Partner with personalized agenda

The Lux Value

Bottom-up Thinking Influences Strategies

  • Unlike presumptive, top-down thinking, our proprietary, bottom-up research & analysis supports assured decision-making at the C-level – that is defensible and replicable
  • As a member of our Executive Partner Service, you join a circle of peers in adjacent industries that value critical judgment and data-driven decision-making

Single-minded Focus on Innovation

  • Our research & advisory and consultative services are targeted to accelerate clients’ innovation journeys that lead to commercial success
  • Our experience in identifying whitespace for science-driven innovation across diverse industries means you enjoy our ability to connect the dots and cross-pollinate best ideas

Expertise and

  • More than 2/3rd of our analysts and consultants possess advanced degrees in sciences, engineering, economics, or business 
  • Many of us have worked for C-level in high-growth, technology-centric startups – or served in innovation/strategy roles in large companies
  • We understand the deliberative process of taking a novel idea through laboratory research to eventual commercial success

Executive Partner Engagement

Peer Group Insights | Monthly Dialogue | Curated Lux Content Relevant to your Executive Priorities


Individualized, structured executive leadership support focused on providing clarity and conviction — and growing connection with peers


Unlimited virtual inquiry discussions with our world-class team of subject matter experts to address your questions


Instant access to thousands of insights on emerging technologies, company profiles, tech landscapes, consumer insights, trends, and more

What Is a Lux Executive Partner?

Becoming a Lux Executive Partner means you receive bottom-up research and analysis that supports assured decision-making at the C-level. You receive a sequence of individualized, confidential, structured 1-on-1 interactions. These interactions will involve innovation, strategy, and technology, but also touch on elements, such as:

  • Shifting supply chain characteristics
  • Competitive dynamics and responses
  • Board presentations and public disclosures
  • Wall Street interactions
  • Regulatory activism and messaging
  • Non-obvious partnerships
  • Interpersonal relationships and conflict resolution
  • Succession planning and legacy building

Hear From Our Executive Partners

Executive Partnership to Fuel Business Innovation

Gain valuable insights from peer groups, monthly dialogues, and curated content relevant to your executive priorities. As an executive, you will gain access to advisory support, personalized leadership support, and insight support that allows you to extract as much valuable information as possible.

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