Lux for Innovation Leaders: Chemicals

Lux experts blend an extensive knowledge of the physical sciences and insights about how digital technologies and other trends will impact the industry to create a differentiated view on how chemicals and materials are transforming society. Lux has the best coverage technologies for the circular economy, from advanced recycling to novel materials, on the market today.

Client Priorities

We are precision focused on solving for your most critical innovation initiatives.

Sustainable Products and Packaging

Lux Research helps innovation leaders in chemical manufacturing devise product strategies that improve the sustainability of existing products and create strategies for new eco-friendly products. By focusing on the emerging technologies that make a real difference, cutting through the noise of overhyped innovations, and tailoring our analysis to their specific needs.

Materials Needs Discovery

Discover new product opportunities in emerging markets by redefining an existing product category to meet an unmet need, or figure out how to develop product components in new ways for existing offerings.

Novel Business Models

Design new business models or change existing ones to incubate new revenue streams or ways to retain existing clients, as well as understand the use-case of emerging and digital technologies to create new business units or reshape the current business.


Gain insights on how organizations are reaching their carbon neutrality goals through technologies like novel feedstocks, electrification, and decarbonized heat, as well as emerging business practices such as carbon credits.

Digital Innovation and Operations

Innovation leaders in chemical manufacturing need to leverage the proper digital technologies to both further their innovative pursuits and improve existing products, and they trust Lux Research to help them focus on the right digital innovations. Lux has the cross-functional expertise to draw connections between digital and physical innovations, providing clients with a holistic understanding.

Policy and Regulations

Get pragmatic advice on how to guide innovation strategies based on regional policy changes and regulatory uncertainties.

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How We Help Clients

Lux is uniquely positioned to provide innovation leaders in the chemicals industry answers to their questions about sustainability and business: what emerging technologies are poised to make a leap forward? Which innovators are worth investing in? What changes do we need to make to our product roadmap to successfully go to market or comply with upcoming policies?

Lux experts utilize AI-enabled patterns with unique proprietary models and primary research to assess technologies, innovators, and consumer insights. This robust combination results in our singular voice of realism in the market that our clients trust.

Client Outcomes

We fuel innovation leaders’ tech scouting and improve the performance of their innovation discovery process.

We help clients meet net-zero and sustainability goals desired by innovative business leaders and understand the decarbonization of other industries.

We identify new business models and product opportunities for growth.

We help mitigate the critical business risks from changes in the technology or policy landscape, as well as from competitors getting ahead.

Access the Lux Insights Platform

Keep up with innovation trends and early-stage technologies

  • AI-enabled expert generated insights
  • Innovator Assessments with scorecards
  • Company indices
  • Industry trend analysis

Understand novel technologies in detail with AI-enabled primary research

  • Market opportunities
  • Consumer insights
  • Policy and Frameworks
  • Technology deep dives

Interpret business impacts with trusted and actionable insights via the “Lux Take”

  • Innovation Strategy
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Partnership and Acquisition Target Identification
  • Decision Frameworks

Hear From Our Clients

Client Story

Identifying potential short-term offtakers and new emerging markets for a biobased intermediate chemical product


The client had a large surplus of a biobased intermediate chemical to sell on the market or take a loss on inventory and needed to find immediate offtakers as well as identify more stable markets to sell into. The client asked Lux to think through all the potential new uses of the biobased intermediate within a 1–2-step chemical synthetic pathway.

Solution & Value

Lux identified contact information for more than 50 potential offtakers for the biobased intermediate; the companies identified operate across various industries from fragrance to solvents to surfactants. In addition, Lux identified three potential novel opportunities in emerging chemical synthetics leading to new markets: green bio-jet fuel, clean polycarbonate, and synthetic cannabidiol oil.

Top Questions your industry peers are asking

Inquiry is a 50-minute virtual conversation between a licensed client member and a Lux expert. During this two-way consultative exchange, the Lux expert shares insights and acts as an advisor for the member’s strategic thinking or decision-making process.

Lux experts are having such conversations with clients every day to help them understand various aspects of technology innovation. Key questions innovation leaders in the chemicals industry are asking about include:

Can Lux share an overview of regional considerations for plastic waste recycling?

What are emerging regulations on PFAS, and which industries are these regulations going to impact in the more immediate future and how?

Could Lux provide an update on CCU technologies, with an emphasis on CO₂ to chemicals?

Can Lux provide a landscape of the hydrogen storage space and materials needs, including coatings and sealants?

Are you working on similar questions? We can help.

The Lux Chemicals Transformation Framework

The pressures of feedstock disruption and demand erosion challenge the existing chemicals industry playbook, calling for innovation. This Inspire Report Snapshot maps out effective strategies so that chemicals companies can identify which approach fits with their current business and future goals — and evolve in a net-zero world.

our unique know-how

What makes Lux special is our ability to link insights across industries, scientific domains, and cultures to give you a complete interdisciplinary and cross-industry perspective.

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