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Lux’s predictive anthropology platform is an AI-powered implementation that promises to provide deep cultural insights in mere seconds. It harnesses the power of AI to analyze vast libraries of Ethnographic Factors and an expansive Insight Database. It goes a step further by integrating online resources to generate insights that are rich, nuanced, and immediately actionable.

Client Priorities

We are precision focused on solving for your most critical innovation initiatives.

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How We Help Clients

Lux is uniquely positioned to provide business decision makers with deep market insights. We make complex anthropological and market research insights accessible and actionable for businesses of all sizes, facilitated by predictive anthropology and AI technology.

We use a research methodology that combines traditional anthropological analysis with predictive analytics, focusing on understanding and forecasting consumer behavior and market trends through cultural codes and meanings. This unique approach that combines AI with human expert insights empowers clients to make informed, culturally nuanced decisions.

Client Outcomes

We equip businesses with the foresight to navigate cultural shifts and the agility to adapt to the evolving market landscape.

We interpret your business questions, sift through our extensive cultural data, and translate complex patterns into digestible, structured, and easy-to-read insights enabling immediate understanding of the cultural context surrounding your business inquiry.

We enable strategic decisions that are both data-driven and human-centered to help businesses innovate, grow, or simply understand their consumer better.

We empower insight and innovation professionals with a level of cultural understanding by providing access to complex, ethnographic data in a simplified, user-friendly format.

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Cultural Depth

The AI identifies key drivers, opportunities, or barriers, delving into the symbolism that resonates with consumers on a cultural level.

Business Relevance

Each insight comes with a clear explanation of its importance to your business, supported by GDPR-compliant consumer quotes that represent the voice of the consumer authentically.

Instant Inquiry

Users can pose almost any question to the platform, which then utilizes advanced AI algorithms to provide answers and insights rapidly.

Trend Analysis

The platform assesses whether a trend is nascent or mainstream, allowing businesses to time their market entry or product launch with precision.

Demographic Precision

With a click of a button, companies can understand the demographics of their audience with a reported ~4% margin of error, enabling targeted strategies.

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Top Questions your industry peers are asking

You can type a question to Lux’s predictive anthropology platform, MotivAI, and it provides answers and insights in seconds. If you need more details, you can schedule a 50-minute call with a PhD who will open your search, and discuss the insights uncovered.

Lux experts are having such conversations with clients every day to help them understand various aspects of emerging consumer trends and behavior. Key questions business decision-makers are asking about include:

What are the unexpected cultural forces that will change the expectations of consumers? When will they impact me?

Are there emerging trends that will make my product or service relevant to more people?

What are the steps consumers go through when they use my product? What can I do better?

What are the most dominant jobs-to-be-done for my product, service, or category?

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Navigating Culture: The Power of Anthropology in Foresight and Innovation

In our eBook, “What is Culture?” we unveil the true essence of culture as a dynamic and ever-evolving set of shared meanings, beliefs, and practices within a group of people. By understanding this foundational concept, we set the stage for a deeper understanding of culture’s influence on consumer behavior and its significance in driving innovation.

our unique know-how

What makes Lux special is our ability to link insights across industries, scientific domains, and cultures to give you a complete interdisciplinary and cross-industry perspective.

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