One Mission, One Focused Approach

Our mission is to advise leaders about commercially viable science and technology to enable sustainable innovation. We deliver research and advisory services to inspire, illuminate, and ignite innovative thinking that reshapes and grows businesses.

With thousands of emerging materials and technologies, deciding what innovations to pay attention to is a daunting task. We select innovations that will have the greatest business value impact and will help you achieve your corporate sustainability goals.

The Lux Rubric

The Lux Rubric is a proprietary methodology engineered to identify what are the most important materials and technologies you should have on your innovation strategy radar. We score each technology using this rubric. The higher the score, the more we conduct and develop research and AI tools as part of our research agenda.

Innovation Prowess: Highly Strategic Research Selection

We approach research with a meticulous eye, leaning into innovation prowess powered by novelty, disruption potential, and sustainability promise.


We consider if the technology represents a distinctively new approach instead of merely an incremental improvement to already-established approaches.

Disruption Potential

We consider if the technology is a potential major change agent. Can you leverage it to disrupt your products or markets and do something different than your competitors?

Sustainability Promise

We consider if the technology can solve sustainability challenges and impact society. Will it help achieve client sustainability goals or support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals?

Market Momentum: Highly Aligned Business Opportunity

Our approach to navigating and building market momentum is steered primarily by two critical factors: client interest and innovation activity.

Lux Client Interest

We assess clients’ level of topic interest based on inquiries or project requests they submit, their searches and activity on our website, and what they share about priorities and initiatives in strategy sessions with us.

Innovation Activity

Innovation activity, as measured by our proprietary data analytics tool called the Lux Tech Signal, is generally predictive of business opportunities. We use this tool to help us align technologies to the kind of momentum that is likely to lead to business opportunities for our clients.

Objective Insights for Innovation Leaders

We pride ourselves on taking a rigorous, scientific approach to avoid the hype and generate unique perspectives and insights that innovation leaders can’t live without.

Cross-Industry Perspectives

When you partner with Lux, you gain access to an arsenal of expertise developed from the convergence of diverse industries. Whether it’s consumer goods, energy, chemicals, or beyond, we form a bridge between the best minds, ideas, and practices to offer you a cross-industry perspective.

Broaden Your Lens

Impactful innovation and breakthroughs seldom happen within the confines of a single industry. We thrive on the belief that combining insights from diverse disciplines, scientific domains, and cultures is key to unlocking the true potential of any business.

Untapped Possibility

By not limiting yourself to one silo, you ensure that your business can benefit from the untapped possibilities and transferable innovations prevalent across various industries.

Unexpected Solutions

Our interdisciplinary approach enables us to dissect challenges from multiple angles, uncover hidden patterns, and connect the dots that others might miss.

Unprecedented Growth

Seamlessly blend insights from various sectors, as we bring novel perspectives to the table that can redefine traditional strategies and fuel your unprecedented growth.

What do you want to research today?