Behnam Sadri

Ben is an analyst in the Consumer Health Sciences division of the CPG team. In his role, he delves into cutting-edge consumer health and wellness innovations, with a focus on digital biomarkers and therapeutics. His expertise encompasses the exploration of advanced developments in health wearables, AI-driven healthcare solutions, and related technologies.

Before joining Lux, Ben held a National Institute of Health postdoctoral fellowship at the California Institute of Technology, focusing on creating smart textiles and chemical sensors for hydration tracking. He pioneered the large-scale production of conductive fibers, advancing fiber-based electronics. Ben earned his Ph.D. in industrial/biomedical engineering from Purdue University, where he developed innovative health solutions through next-generation sensors for various applications, including smart packaging and wearable/implantable devices. His Ph.D. work included the creation of the first paper-based wearable electronics, sensor-integrated diapers, and edible packaging.

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