Upcoming Industry Event: ESOMAR Congress 2022

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EVP & Group Director, Anthropology

One of this year’s most exciting conference presentations is just around the corner, and you do not want to miss it.  

Lux Research and MotivBase will attend this year’s ESOMAR Congress conference set to take place in Toronto and online in September. Ujwal Arkalgud, EVP & Group Director, Anthropology at Lux Research and Co-Founder of MotivBase, alongside Michelle Gansle, VP, Global Insights & Analytics at McDonald’s, will lead a presentation on how the application of anthropology and artificial intelligence allows one to ask difficult questions and yet identify tangible and actionable answers in an agile and iterative manner.  

In April 2022, Lux Research acquired MotivBase, the world’s first predictive anthropology research technology that enables the study of meaning and consumer beliefs with big data. Ujwal now leads Lux Research’s Anthropology research team and provides invaluable insights to both Lux Research and MotivBase clients. 

Ujwal is an award-winning cultural anthropologist and a pioneer in digital ethnography and the study of implicit and symbolic meaning using the internet. He speaks passionately and keynotes the value of anthropology to corporate innovation across major conferences around the globe. Additionally, Ujwal has written two books on the topic. His most recent book, Microcultures: Understanding the Consumer Forces That Will Shape the Future of Your Business, was published in 2020. 

Ujwal and Michelle will take conference attendees through a McDonald’s case study of decoding the future of brand relevance to understand changing consumer expectations and shape the future of brands. 

This exciting event is the world’s largest summit of insights and analytics professionals and offers the opportunity to be inspired, network, and learn. At this year’s event, industry-leading companies from around the world will be physically and virtually present to exhibit the latest tools and technologies in data, research, and insights. You can get face time with organizations that are able to offer solutions to your business, making you even more successful. Network with Ujwal, Michelle, fellow researchers, and insight professionals from across the globe. 

We hope to see you there! 

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