Zero Waste Europe’s Janek Vahk on Europe’s new packaging waste laws

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The world needs more and better innovation to solve climate, waste, and health problems in an increasingly tumultuous and uncertain world – not just the latest app, gadget, or software, but real deep tech innovation in energy, manufacturing, agrifood, resources, and more.

In this podcast, sustainable innovation experts Anthony Schiavo, Mike Holman, and Karthik Subramanian from Lux Research analyze the latest news and interview world-leading experts to navigate the technological, economic, political, and social trends that will determine what innovations succeed or fail.

In this episode, Mike, Anthony, and a back-from-vacation Karthik tackle all the news, including COP28, the carbon footprint of plastic pyrolysis, and the important issue of kangaroo derived carbon credits. Then, they sit down with Zero Waste Europe’s Janek Vahk to break down the recent Packaging and Packaging Waste regulations. We discuss the regulation’s wins, failures, and what the best path is for plastic waste sustainability.

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