Rights and renewables

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Amy Huras and Karthik Subramanian discuss new right to repair laws that are proliferating across America. They promise better access to electronics repair, but will consumers really take advantage? Plus, Google’s new “clean firm” tariff: more greenwashing or a genuine solution?

El mundo necesita más y mejor innovación para resolver los problemas del clima, los residuos y la salud en un mundo cada vez más tumultuoso e incierto, no sólo la última aplicación, gadget o software, sino verdadera innovación tecnológica en energía, fabricación, agroalimentación, recursos y más.

In this podcast, sustainable innovation experts Anthony Schiavo, Mike Holman, Karthik Subramanian, and Alina Strugut from Lux Research analyze the latest news and interview world-leading experts to navigate the technological, economic, political, and social trends that will determine what innovations succeed or fail.

The opinions expressed are those of the hosts and guests, and do not reflect the views of Lux Research.

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