Primary industries in Europe are undergoing a major transition driven by changes in the supply chain and rapidly evolving consumer needs. Europe’s fertilizer crisis and massive nitrogen and ammonia shortages are creating ripple effects across the value chain, requiring a cross-industry approach to tackle the problem. Industry players ― in both the primary and the secondary sectors ― urgently need to address these challenges and adopt diversified innovation strategies to future-proof their businesses.  

This Lux Research Forum will cover the changing paradigm of Europe’s primary sector and its impact on secondary industries. Taking a cross-industry approach, we will highlight the strategies needed to survive and thrive from a technology and consumer standpoint. 

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Lunch is to be provided.

About the Lux Forums

The Lux Forums are a premier opportunity for innovation decision-makers to learn more about the commercially viable science and technology needed to enable sustainable innovation roadmaps. This event series brings together Lux Research’s global analysts with executives and industry thought leaders to learn from each other and tackle the most critical issues facing their industry today. 

At the Lux Forum, subject matter experts will provide meaningful insights relevant to oil and gas, utilities, industrials, chemicals, and consumer products innovation leaders. In this exclusive setting, attendees will make connections with executive-level industry counterparts through networking sessions and will take in cutting-edge research from the leading provider of sustainable innovation research and advisory services, Lux Research. These forums will deliver the thinking you need to accelerate the pace of innovation at your company. 

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