Tiffany Hua on what we can learn from Renewcell’s bankruptcy and the future of textile recycling

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Lux Analyst Tiffany Hua joins Karthik and Anthony to discuss the recent bankruptcy of Renewcell, a leading textile recycler – and where the textile recycling industry goes from here.

The world needs more and better innovation to solve climate, waste, and health problems in an increasingly tumultuous and uncertain world – not just the latest app, gadget, or software, but real deeptech innovation in energy, manufacturing, agrifood, resources, and more.

In this podcast sustainable innovation experts Anthony Schiavo, Mike Holman, and Karthik Subramanian from Lux Research analyze the latest news and interview world leading experts to navigate the technological, economic, political, and social trends that will determine what innovations succeed or fail.

The opinions expressed are those of the hosts and guests, and do not reflect the views of Lux Research.

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