Industrial Water Challenges: New Technologies to Watch

Water is essential for producing food, energy, and industrial goods and services, which makes it directly tied to productivity. Yet, industrial firms globally face water-related challenges, such as droughts in Mexico’s agricultural areas and water shortages in Taiwan’s semiconductor industry. These challenges often lead to expensive measures like water rationing or imports to sustain operations.

Water scarcity is increasingly a critical global issue. Industries ranging from food and beverage to semiconductor manufacturing are pressured to cut water use while maintaining output. As water-related challenges and regulations intensify, there is a push for innovative technologies to address these issues, including advanced membrane systems, energy-efficient wastewater treatments, and more.

This e-book delves into the latest trends in industrial water management technology. It explores venture investment trends in water technologies, discusses the landscape of innovative solutions for conserving water and treating wastewater, compares the advantages and challenges of various wastewater management technologies, and presents case studies on the successful implementation of these new technologies.


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Industrial Water Challenges: New Technologies to Watch

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