Eric Appelman

Eric, 59 is a Dutch national, was trained as a chemical engineer, and brings 35 years of experience in a variety of disciplines and companies. After 3 years with Unilever working on processing edible oils, he switched to Unilever’s chemicals business, working with renewable chemicals in technico-commercial and customer-facing roles. Next, he was technical director at Sigma Coatings, the second-largest European paint company until its acquisition by PPG. Eric subsequently became EVP at Swedish chemical multinational Perstorp, accountable for innovation, market development, and corporate strategy, for 8 years. After that, he had non-executive roles at some startup companies and was CTO and Marketing & Sales Director at Brightlands Chemelot Campus, a unique and highly successful industrial environment in the Netherlands where more than 100 companies work on the material and process technologies for the chemical industry of the future (with obviously a lot of focus on electrification, recycling, and biogenic raw materials). 

Eric Appelman joined Aduro on the 1st of September as Chief Revenue Officer. He had met Aduro at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus and was immediately captivated by its unique technology, which offers big advantages versus more traditional recycling technologies. The work combines his chemical engineering roots and his commercial experience with his exposure to sustainable technologies. 

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