Marisa Kopec

Marisa Kopec

Marisa Kopec is the Chief Executive Officer at Lux.   She leads a talented, experienced team focused on a purpose-driven mission of studying novel sciences, emerging technologies, and consumer behavior to enable “sustainable innovation” for Lux clients. Her passion is growth through innovation and helping corporate leaders reach their sustainability and net zero targets.

Marisa joined Lux in January 2021 as Lux’s Chief Research Officer. She was responsible for Lux Research’s syndicated research and consulting services as well as new product development and management. Over the last two years, Marisa has orchestrated a brilliant transformation of Lux’s product strategy, from pricing and packaging to reinvention of the digital and service delivery that has been instrumental in the company’s ability to scale and grow.

Marisa is a seasoned market research leader with 30+ years of experience. She served as the Senior Vice President of Research Product Management at Forrester. She was commercially responsible for the SiriusDecisions product line and successfully led a new go-to-market strategy for Forrester following its acquisition of SiriusDecisions in 2019.

Before Forrester, she was Head of Product and Innovation at SiriusDecisions and an executive team member that grew the start-up research and advisory firm into a $100M business. She was responsible for designing and implementing the organization’s product management processes and governance. Also, Marisa transformed SiriusDecisions’ product strategy and go-to-market architecture while leading the digital transformation of the company’s intellectual property origination and delivery.

Before SiriusDecisions, Marisa spent 12 years with Gartner, most recently as a managing vice president and product leader for Gartner’s High-Tech and Telecom business unit. She also ran global marketing at Gartner and was the Chief Privacy Officer.   In addition to her managerial experience at market research organizations, Marisa is known for her innovative and industry-recognized methodologies (e.g., The SiriusDecisions PMM model, Messaging Nautilus, and Buyer Persona Framework) that have been widely operationalized across B2B organizations today.

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