Biomade’s Genya Dana and Steven Evans on how the US can unlock the $4 trillion bioeconomy

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The world needs more and better innovation to solve climate, waste, and health problems in an increasingly tumultuous and uncertain world – not just the latest app, gadget, or software, but real deep tech innovation in energy, manufacturing, agrifood, resources, and more.

In this podcast, sustainable innovation experts Anthony Schiavo, Mike Holman, and Karthik Subramanian from Lux Research analyze the latest news and interview world-leading experts to navigate the technological, economic, political, and social trends that will determine what innovations succeed or fail.

In this episode, Mike and Anthony talk court intrigue at OpenAI – will the firing, hiring, and rehiring of Sam Altman derail the development of AI? Or is it all just shadows on the wall? Then, Mike is joined by two experts on the US bioeconomy, Genya Dana and Steven Evans, to learn more about Biomade’s efforts to get the bioeconomy across the commercial valley of death.

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