The Why Meaning Matters Podcast: Season 2 is Back!

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In Season 1, we tackled the role of anthropology in business. We also looked at why studying meaning was critical if you wanted to understand where culture was going and how it may impact your work and the success of the projects you are bringing to market.

In Season 2 we look to explore a wide range of cultural shifts underway, and how they are reshaping different categories and issues.

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Let’s take a look at some of the areas we covered thus far:

Episode 1.

The Future of Interior Space – The Meaning of Home Decor & Design

In this episode we explore the meaning of home design and decor via three themes – accessible living, calming retreat, and working & learning – and how retailers can jump on the opportunity of helping consumers to create multifunctional spaces.

Episode 2.

The Future of Fashion – The Meaning of Luxury Apparel

In this episode we delve into the meaning of fashion by exploring size inclusivity, the second-hand market and sustainability. Just like in the conversation around home (in episode 1) – there’s a discernible shift in the conversations and the meaning of Luxury apparel presenting an opportunity for those in the retail space to capture more hearts and minds.

Episode 3.

The Future of Community Immunity- The Meaning of Infection and Disease

In this episode, we explore the changing meaning and consumer understanding of infectious disease. Infection and disease has been seen by North Americans as an ‘other’ problem. But, triggered by a global pandemic striking close to home, that cultural meaning is changing by leaps and bounds.

Episode 4.

The Future of Skincare – The Meaning of Healthy Skin

In this episode, we look to uncover what it means to have healthy skin in today’s society. MotivBase and folks in the skincare industry have been tracking and waiting for the meaning and importance of skin health to become mainstream. And now, it has! Our hosts make the connection between wellness and skin health through deep healing, achieving balance and embracing imperfection and why that’s important to the industry moving forward.

Episode 5.

The Meaning of Wellness and Altruism – A Case Study

In this episode, we discuss the results of a report produced from a recent partnership with Nielsen IQ where MotivBase. In it, we were tasked with decoding the implicit meaning of altruistic purpose when it comes to health and wellness. What is altruism in the context of wellness? Fundamentally, when it comes to our health and wellness, it’s a human being’s recognition that, for our own betterment, for our own mental health and physiological health, people also need to do things with others in mind.

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