Direct Air Capture

Tuesday, August 6th, 2024

10:00 am – 11:30 am ET


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What to Expect

In this Ideathon, Lux features direct air capture (DAC) startups navigating pathways to scale in a rapidly growing CO2-removal ecosystem. We will discuss the role of technology innovation, as well as emerging use-cases and the regulatory push for DAC.  

DAC is a critical technology for industry for three reasons: as a corrective measure to remove existing CO2 from the natural and industrial carbon cycles, as a source of nonfossil carbon feedstock, and as an offset tool for industry to manage unabatable emissions. The International Energy Agency projects a need for giga-metric-ton-scale DAC capacity by 2050, but at current costs, this is unfeasible. To increase technology viability, a combination of scale, policy support, and technology innovation is critical, and in this Lux Ideathon, we’ll look at innovative materials and technology pathways that can reduce energy consumption and improve DAC performance in the long term.  

This Ideathon will address the following questions in depth: 

  • What is the role of technology innovation in scaling DAC? 
  • What are some emerging use-cases and market opportunities for DAC technology? 
  • How do policy and regulatory support affect DAC scaling? 


Introduction by Lux analysts

Startup pitches

Panel discussion moderated by Lux analysts

Break-out room discussion with one of the startups

Come prepared to get involved in the discussions by submitting questions, voting for the best pitch, and directly talking to the innovators and other participants.

Lux Ideathons are themed virtual startup pitch events Lux organizes periodically. Join us to learn more about new ideas from emerging innovators, with the potential for partnerships, investments, or other connections.

Please Note:

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