Speaker: Ujwal Arkalgud, EVP & Group Director at Lux Research
Date: Wednesday, May 24th, 2023 – Thursday, May 25th, 2023
Time: 10:15 am – 10:45 am ET
Location: Austin, TX, USA

How to effectively “time” the market?

Timing is everything in life and in business. You could have the most interesting and valuable idea but if you get the timing wrong the business results will not follow. Historically, insights organizations have relied on a combination of category sales data, trend reports, new launches and investment data to time a new initiative. The problem is, while these data sources give us a great indication of the shifts in the industry, they do not tell the human-centric story. Which is where the role of anthropology comes into play.

In this university-lecture-style 20-minute session, Cultural Anthropologist Ujwal Arkalgud will illustrate how there is no one answer to the question of timing. Applying cultural anthropology to a series of real-world examples, Ujwal will explain that there are actually multiple points of entry in the lifecycle of a trend or cultural shift. In fact, the maturity of the overall macro-culture at the point of entry is what determines the action plan needed to generate the business results we desire. You will walk away from this session with a better understanding of the concept of market maturity and timing through a pure human-centric lens. You’ll be able to immediately begin to apply some of these learnings in the way you research and solution new opportunities for your business.

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