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How we work

We wake up in the morning to drive agile research transformation. We live, eat, and breathe cultural anthropology and we work with all our clients and partners on an annual contract. This gives us room to grow together, and drive organization-wide transformation beyond a single project or mandate.

We never just hand you our technology. We support you to drive agile research transformation within your organization.

Every license comes with PhD support. The degree of which depends on the tier.

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Case Studies

Where do I get started?

MotivBase Trends

Trends is the typical starting point for most companies. It is the most broad reaching platform in terms of the sheer types of use-cases it can solve. It is also an easy platform to showcase within an organization to create excitement about the application of cultural anthropology and big data to business.

How companies use MotivBase

Three common ways organizations leverage our capabilities to drive anthropological thinking through the organization in an agile and scalable manner.

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