How to Implement AI in Your CPG Innovation Workflow to Maximize Outcomes

Thursday, June 27, 2024

11 AM SGT | 11 AM CET | 11 AM EST | 11 AM PST


AI and generative AI platforms and the solutions created from them are now transferable across a wide range of industries focused on innovation. For instance, AI can accelerate new product development in CPG by 30% to 50%. However, in some cases, traditional data analytics suffice. While the opportunities remain boundless, CPG companies need to consider key parameters like operational agility and efficiency, organizational adoption strategies, and alignment with business objectives to identify viable AI use-cases instead of overcommitting resources. 

In this webinar, we outline AI opportunities across different stages of the food and CPG product development life cycle, including discovery, formulation, quality analysis, and supply chain traceability. We will discuss business strategies for each opportunity and provide an outlook on how and where to implement AI in your workflow for maximum efficiency and innovation. 

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How to Implement AI in Your CPG Innovation Workflow to Maximize Outcomes


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