Making Sustainability Irresistible: ​Unlocking the Desirability Formula​

Consumers today have an increasing desire for sustainable products, yet green attributes alone aren’t enough to drive adoption and willingness to pay a premium. Discover key insights from new Lux Research on the missing triggers that shape consumer desire for sustainable alternatives. 

  • The common sustainability triggers used in marketing and why they fall short 
  • The “missing concerns” that make sustainability personally relevant for consumers 
  • Emerging differentiators beyond sustainability that influence choice 
  • A framework to identify the right mix of triggers for your context 
  • How to bring future promise and other “missing concerns” to life through products and messaging 
  • Tactics to drive adoption and overcome price sensitivity 

In this eBook, we unlock a new desirability formula and make sustainability irresistible for your consumers and provide a blueprint for marketing, innovation, and growth strategies that appeal to eco-aware consumers and justify a price premium. 

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Making Sustainability Irresistible: ​Unlocking the Desirability Formula​


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