Tim Appachanda

Tim Appachanda, Ph.D.

Thimmaiah (Tim) is a Senior Analyst at Lux and contributes to the CPG Group, focusing on the impact of innovation across the food and agriculture space. Tim is a purpose-driven thought leader within the broader industry. His passion lies in restructuring the current food, agriculture, and CPG sector by linking nature, planetary health, and communities using a systems approach.

Having executed innovative corporate strategies across multiple regions, including Asia, Europe, and the Americas, Tim has leveraged technology and tools to scale regenerative food and agriculture systems, mitigate Scope 3 emissions, and implement decarbonization solutions. He has extensive knowledge and expertise in nature-based solutions, circular economy, voluntary carbon markets, food waste valorization, and digital agriculture and assurance systems.

Tim is also actively driving change at the highest levels of influence, serving as an active member on the board of organizations and think tanks focused on food, regenerative agriculture, research, policy, and climate change. Furthermore, he has published several research papers, articles, and blogs, sharing knowledge and best practices to advance the industry’s collective impact. He holds a Ph.D. in Sustainable Agriculture from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.

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