2023 in Review: The Most Popular Topics for Leaders in Consumer Products Industries

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In our 2023 Roundup, we highlight nine pivotal resources that have been at the forefront of innovation in consumer products, showcasing groundbreaking advancements and strategic developments.

Top 3 eBooks in 2023

CO2 Capture and Utilization: The Evolution of a Carbon Economy

The global market size for CO2 utilization is set to reach a market value of $70 billion by 2030, which will then increase to $550 billion by 2040. Global CO2 emissions witnessed steady growth in the 21st century despite unprecedent action against climate change.
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Microbiome-based Business Opportunities for Consumer Products

Over the past decade, microbiome research has accelerated, and this space has emerged as a hotspot for innovation, given its potential to impact a number of industries in the agrifood and health value chain. Despite staggering startup activity, developers have barely scratched the surface when it comes to aligning science and product development in the microbiome space.

This white paper focuses on the winning aspects of successful microbiome-related innovations and lays out opportunities to address the unmet needs for industry players.
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Clear-Cut Opportunities in Battery Recycling

In this report we cover key drivers and barriers for the adoption of battery recycling today and evaluate battery recycling opportunities for chemicals and material companies, cathode manufacturers, and automotive OEMs. We also take a closer look at emerging startups and where they fit along the traditional battery value chain.

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Top 3 On-Demand Webinars in 2023

Balancing Consumer Perspectives and Environmental Sustainability in the Adoption of CO2-Based Plastics

As we strive to establish a sustainable future, CO2-based plastics present a fascinating intersection of innovation and environmental responsibility. This talk explores the various consumer considerations influencing the acceptance of CO2-based plastics. 
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ChatGPT: The Emerging CXO

GPT-4 has unleashed an element of creativity in traditional AI: AI can now be leveraged to tackle systems-level innovations that are prerequisite to tackle hard problems like climate change. Given the promise of far-reaching implications, corporate boards want to know: 

  • Can GPT-4 accelerate R&D success for a large, leading manufacturer of polyethylene terephthalate?  
  • How could GPT-4 shorten time-to-market for a new energy drink?
  • In which large, industrialized city will residential customers disrupt the traditional utility model by leveraging GPT-4 to unshackle themselves from the monopoly of their electric utility?

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Why Do Cultural Insights Matter to Innovation?

While there’s a recognition of the importance of understanding culture and its impact on a business, there is still a long way to go in an organization’s ability to understand culture and bring it into the inner workings of its operations.  

This session inspires action and takes us one step further on this journey. Specifically, in this webinar, Cultural Anthropologist Ujwal Arkalgud answers the following questions –  

  • What is culture? Why are cultural insights crucial for innovation?  
  • How does culture create “invisible requirements” for successful innovation?  
  • How can we make culture a regular part of the innovation conversation? 
  • What are some examples of innovations that understood culture and innovations that did not?

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Top 3 Blogs in 2023

What happened to AgriProtein?

AgriProtein, a company once named one of Time’s “top 50 Genius Companies,” quietly entered administration in February 2021, and in June 2021, the company’s assets were acquired by Prezero U.S. for USD 10 million. How did this once-promising company end up in liquidation?

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Verra’s Struggles Demonstrate the Risks and Limitations of Carbon Offsets

Verra — which plays in the voluntary carbon market — has been accused of accrediting carbon offsets that don’t meaningfully reduce carbon emissions. Some companies like Gucci, which purchased carbon credits using Verra’s certifications, have since dropped their claims of carbon neutrality. What does this mean for Verra, carbon credits, and companies seeking to use them?

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Microplastics are the new PFAS

In June, 3M agreed to a settlement on water contamination from per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). This settlement is just a portion of the liability that 3M faces related to PFAS, which could easily include another USD 10 billion or more for a wide range of claimants. These settlements (and others) will create a large PFAS remediation market and spur the growth of PFAS-free products, for which materials innovations are already beginning to emerge. The future trajectory of PFAS is fairly clear at this point. The real question is: What are the next PFAS? And who is the next 3M?

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