Platform innovation with MotivBase: Unearthing the needs that matters most to your consumer.

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EVP & Group Director, Anthropology

The greatest benefit of MotivBase is that the resulting ethnographies are completely consumer-led. For example, unlike typical approaches to platform innovation projects where platforms are identified out of trends and then applied (sometimes forcefully) to the context of a product or category, MotivBase can enable the identification of platforms by studying the natural implicit meanings that consumers assign to a category or product space. In essence, we can use the consumer’s help to unearth the platform that matters most to them.

Identify platforms

Using MotivBase Trends, we can study a category or product space to identify the dominant demand spaces (themes of meaning) that exist within. Each of these demand spaces will result in a platform – some which you’ve already got your eye on, and others which will be completely new.

Explore each platform

‘Double Click’ into each platform to understand them completely through a consumer-led lens. Quantify its component parts and identify specific areas of growth and opportunity.

Quantify & prioritize

Plot all the opportunities on the zone of innovation to pin point those specific demand spaces and its underlying platform that will yield the most value to your business given its growth trajectory and maturity.

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