Nuclear Energy

Tuesday, June 11th, 2024

10:00 am – 11:30 am ET

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The world’s pursuit of short-term decarbonization goals will see a surge in intermittent renewables like solar and wind energy, the cheapest low-carbon power sources at our disposal. However, this dash to meet short-term objectives presents grid reliability challenges in the long run, which can be avoided using a holistic approach that involves stable and continuous low-carbon power sources that support intermittent renewables. Nuclear energy is a high-energy-dense option that ticks this box, but despite a resurgence due to geopolitical events, fission remains an iffy subject that is both expensive to deploy and difficult to obtain public backing for; on the other hand, nuclear fusion, which is cleaner and denser than nuclear fission, faces several obstacles before it can become economically viable.  

In this Ideathon, we will explore the value proposition of nuclear energy for decarbonized power and heat generation as countries race against time to decarbonize and meet net-zero targets.  


Introduction by Lux analysts

Startup pitches

Panel discussion moderated by Lux analysts

Break-out room discussion with one of the startups

Come prepared to get involved in the discussions by submitting questions, voting for the best pitch, and directly talking to the innovators and other participants.

Lux Ideathons are themed virtual startup pitch events Lux organizes periodically. Join us to learn more about new ideas from emerging innovators, with the potential for partnerships, investments, or other connections.

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