Consumer and technology insights engineered to power human-centric innovation you can trust.

Our informed perspectives, created by Lux experts and fueled by primary research, cut through the hype around consumer beliefs and innovation feasibility.

We enable clients to seize opportunities in product development, discover new markets, and transform business models to disrupt and avoid disruption.

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The most successful organizations in the world trust our Lux Take on technologies, markets, and consumers.

Lux Insights

Lux produces 100% pure proprietary research crafted by industry experts, scientists, engineers, and anthropologists. We progressively use AI and analytics, but rest assured, the research we create is done by real people using rigorous formalized research development processes and proven methodologies.

Insights that Fuel Human-Centric Innovation

Lux Research helps you every step of the way on your innovation journey


Spark the right idea.

Lux helps you find the strong signals in the noise around new innovations and consumer trends to accelerate ideation.


Enlighten your strategy.

Lux gives you the process and decision frameworks you need to build the story and trusted, objective data points required to bolster your narrative.


Activate your vision.

Lux gives you the necessary policy, regulatory, and sustainability insights to reduce risk and the technology insights to avoid commercialization pitfalls.

Innovation Leader Profile


Phil Clark, Chief Technology Officer, Nouryon

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The Value of Lux

Lux CEO, Marisa Kopec, sits down with Phil Clark to discuss everything from biosurfactants and machine learning to tools to manage and communicate change across large global teams.

Their conversation is sure to inspire existing and aspiring leaders in the evolving field of innovation leadership.

How Lux Helps

Lux Research is precisely engineered for leaders of innovation, R&D, insights, marketing, and corporate development functions.

Drive Human-Centric Innovation

Lux Research helps you understand what consumers care about and predict their future needs and preferences to create products they will adopt and purchase.

Bolster Commercial Resilience
Lux Research helps you predict where the energy industry is going to ensure you make the right decisions on how to invest in the technologies that will be commercially viable now and in the future.
De-Fossilize Operations
Lux Research helps ensure you are agile with meeting growing product demand while you de-fossilize your value chain.
Navigate Disruption

Lux Research helps you
discover and address gaps in your supply chain by placing the right bets on innovation.

Transition and Transform

Lux Research helps you balance an incremental transition with transformative change.

Uncover New Markets
Lux Research helps you accelerate growth by extending current products to new customers and successfully re-tool your manufacturing expertise to align with emerging customer needs.
Avoid Innovation Hype
Lux Research helps you challenge the hype around technology readiness and consumer understanding and expectations to confidently isolate real innovation opportunities.
Lux keeps us grounded from the hype and fads and tells us what is real with technology and where the consumer is actually going.
- Chief Technology Officer
Lux is honest, always fair, and transparent. We trust the "Lux Take" on consumers, markets and technologies.
- Chief Innovation Officer
Lux keeps us honest and takes out the bias. The Lux predictive anthropology approach is one third cheaper than our previous market research methods and we are faster and get more and better output.
- Head of Insights

How We serve our clients

We provide human-led, science-powered research enabled by AI and digital technology.

Scientific Experts

Team of advanced degree holders with STEM backgrounds

Industry Networks

In-depth interviews with startups and industry experts

Proprietary Tools

Highly specialized AI combined with human interpretation

Instant access to thousands of insights on emerging technologies, company profiles, tech landscapes, consumer insights trends and more

Unlimited virtual inquiry discussions with our world-class team of analyst experts to answer your exact questions

Individualized, structured executive leadership support focused on providing clarity and conviction, plus connection with peers

Work with the Lux Expertise Team for in-depth strategic research on everything from market assessments to partner search and selection to custom ethnographic studies

our unique know-how

What makes Lux special is our ability to link insights across industries, scientific domains, and cultures to give you a complete interdisciplinary and cross-industry perspective.

Mission-Critical Research at Your Fingertips

Overcome today’s business challenges and lead your organization into a better tomorrow with purpose, clarity, strategy, and needle-moving expertise.

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