Technical innovation with MotivBase: Pin point opportunities through a consumer-led lens.

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EVP & Group Director, Anthropology

If you think consumers aren’t talking about specific technical solutions in the context of your business, then you are missing out on a whole world of opportunity and demand.

By exploring any macroculture through the lens of the natural meanings consumers create around the topic, MotivBase gives us the pathway to discover microcultures within that have clear and tangible implications for technical development. For example, if you study sugar in the context of snacking, you’ll already see detailed discussions among consumers about various types of sugars and their associated benefits and drawbacks. In fact, consumers were discussing and exploring sugars like allulose even before it received FDA approval. That’s how technically savvy lead consumers often are in the context of any category, product type, or trend.

The process for such projects goes something like this –

Start by decoding knowledge

Using MotivBase Trends, we can decode the consumer’s knowledge around a given topic. These result in the identification of technical demand spaces through a purely consumer-led lens.

Dive into the consumer’s knowledge spaces.

‘Double Click’ into each technical demand space to understand them completely through a consumer-led lens, identifying ingredients and specifications that are already bubbling to the surface. Each area is then quantified in terms of its population reach, maturity, and projected growth.

Prioritize opportunities contextually.

Plot all the opportunities on the zone of innovation to pin point those specific demand spaces that will yield the most value to your business given its growth trajectory and maturity.

Instead of identifying technical platforms based on your knowledge of the industry, MotivBase Trends ensures you examine and pin point technical opportunities through a consumer-led lens. These technical solutions may not always align with your internal thinking and that is why this process is often so eye-opening. Not just in terms of what the opportunities are, but also in terms of what each platform means to the consumer (whose mental model will often differ from yours within the industry).

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